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Smartphone Testing Resources


Chome Devloper Tool Links


Microsoft Environment Testing Resources

Problem Steps Recorder – Start>Run>PSR.exe


Web Testing Resources


Browser Testing Resources


Web Performance Monitoring Tool


Functional Automation Tool      What is Selenium Video


Website Text Testing Resource



Project Management of Information Communication Information Systems / Project Management  / Systems Analysis and Design - Certified Software Project Manager - International Institute of Business Analysis


Alternatives to MS Project


Alternatives to MS SharePoint


Project Time Tracking Software


Project Collaboration Software



Network Technology & Mgt  / (N+) - Network+ Certification - Network+ Prep



Note: All People Seem To Need Data Processing - The 7 layers of the OSI Model


1. Application

2. Presentation

3. Session

4. Transport

5. Network

6. Data Link

7. Physical - OSI Model Reference - OSI Model Reference



Hardware and Operating Systems / Microcomputing Technology  / (A+) - A+ Certification - A+ Prep



Free practice exams -



Mobile Development



Software and Network Design 

10 Free Wireframing Tools for Designer

MS Visio



Concept Draw

ED Raw



Database Management & Development


Oracle 11g Express - Free edition for education with free forum

Oracle SQL Developer



FlySpeed SQL

Putty - SSH / Telnet

Linux VS. Windows -

Core FTP




Other Resources


CompTia Certification Information:

A+ | Network+ | Security+ | Project+ | CASP


Mapping Software


Microsoft Software

Microsoft Partner Network


Desktop Office Software (Alternative to MS Office)


History of Computing 

History of "Programming" - First computer bug - First program - Computer programming

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